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What Are We Doing?

The Important Man LTD is an exclusive distributor of top quality international brands, to successfully penetrate the Israeli B2B and B2C markets.
We are GTM experts. 

The Important Man LTD has recently extended out to home design and lifestyle brands; traveling, gadgets, stationary, bags, kitchen and home accessories. The development into these new arenas was only natural, discovering there was a huge demand in the Israeli market.

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Who is The Important Man?

"The Important Man LTD" was founded in 1994.

Mr. Oren Shani, a marketing consultant with a strong affinity for the visual and original, with courage, vision and a cascade of ideas, felt the market was ready for an "out of the box" gifts that can break all the rules with only one goal: A successful campaign.

A few initial projects created an immediate success among corporate marketing professionals and the rest is history. Since then, "The Important Man LTD" has created hundreds of products, each with its own language and story.

With the same innovative thinking, we continued to renew, surprise and excite the people who received the gifts we have created.
Over the years, "The Important Man LTD" has established itself as a strong brand with high quality, unique products for large companies and organizations.

We know how to match the leading products for the best results.
"The Important Man LTD" (and woman!) is each and every one who receives a gift or a product that was created and adapted specifically for them.

Our Business Partners:

Over the years, The Important Man LTD accumulated exclusive representations of some of the leading lifestyle & design international brands. Each brand represented by us, was selected carefully according to various factors, including market trends, brand vision, products' uniqueness, logistics, communication and pricing system.

The Important Man LTD currently represent the following brands: TROIKA, C Secure, Koziol, LEXON, MOLESKINE, XD Design, Vacu Vin, Tomorrow's Kitchen, Landway

Our Customers:

The Important Man LTD operates a showroom in Netanya (central district of Israel) and customers from all around the country attend the showroom on a meeting basis. The company is known as a market leader, based on the extensive experience, strong brand portfolio and its ability to identify trends and product solutions right before their breakthrough.

Among our customers are large scale companies and organizations such as: HP, Intel, Verint, Microsoft, Partner, Zim, SAP, NESS, Teva, Netafim, Leumi Bank, Amdocs, and many more…

Our Energized Team



Office Manager and Project managment

I would be happy to advise you with any gift idea or product that will be most effective for you. I'm here to help you! Contact me with any questions.



רועי יוחנסון האיש החשוב ROI YOHANSON


Import and procurement Manager

I'm here to take care of your orders! I will be happy to help with any questions regarding the project process, technical and professional matters and the status of your order.




Esti Shani

General Manager, Marketing and Finance

I love your challenges!
I'd love to create a solution with you for any goal and deadline or any product you have been dreaming of.




Oren Shani

Sales and Business Development

Invent, develop and execute – that's me!
I will be happy to advise with any creative solution – a product that have not yet been seen or a perfect match from the existing range, to achieve the desired result.




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שיתוף פעולה עם חנויות

Store owners

A special service for you

If you are a shop owner who wants to sell our products at your store, you are welcome to send us an email or call and we will be happy to cooperate with you.





Innovative solutions that only we carry

Do you have an event and do not know what gift to offer this time?
Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to offer things that will be especially suitable for you.



שירות לקוחות האיש החשוב

Customer Service

We are here for you!

Do you have a question?
Have you received our product and wanted to understand more?
We are here for you.
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Enjoy the results!

Oriented products for marketing, employee holiday gifts, retirement and seniority gifts, client gifts for any occasion and unique promotional products – for campaigns, special events and exhibitions, domestic and abroad.

Design, develop and create unique products according to our client's concept or project.

We do all this with a high focus on the brand's language and getting you the desired results.

We import products as well as creating products ourselves. The products we produce are uniquely fitted to our client's goals.

Our imagination has no boundaries.

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

At "The Man" we create with you an innovative product that will make the receiver feel important.
These are your clients and employees. The people who are really important.  We set out to surprise them and leave the strongest impression, and we get it every time.

To have your gift carry the strongest message to the people important to you, we help you to choose the products with the best value.
We do not cut corners. Where service and quality are concerned, we offer only the best.

Strict adherence to details, quality, originality, design, special luxury packaging and service, added to our ability to connect with our clients and their goals and create new and innovative ideas.

We are partners with our clients and we are proud to provide service to many of them for many years.

These are our success indicators ,and these are the reasons that our customers comes back again and again.

Let's surprise!

We at "The Important Man" are creating with you the product that will be ahead of everyone and make the recipient feel important.
These are your customers or employees. The people who are most important for you and for us.

When we do brainstorming together on how to surprise your gift recipients in order to leave the strongest impression for them. We know it will work.

A gift that is fun to get – is kept, and the gift that kept – is remembered.

We design, develop, manufacture and import promotional products and unique original gifts for any purpose.
All ideas and colors, in any quantity and budget.
It's important for us that the gift will speak your brand language and will achieve the desired results.

Together with you we choose the product with the highest perceived value!

Giving back is in our DNA:

We do our packaging, assembly and branding work with the help of mentally handicapped people. By doing this we promote and encourage organizations who also give these sectors creative employment to be proud of themselves.

Giving back to the community is in our soul.